Win-Spam: Senate House of Assembly – new year promotion cash grant

Die meisten Reaktionen gibt es bestimmt auf Spam-eMails mit einer Gewinnbenachrichtigung. Nur leider werden deutschsprachige EmpfĂ€nger nicht so schnell auf unbekannte englische Win-Spam-eMails reinfallen. Die Spammer sollten schon ihre eMail-Adressen-Datenbank mit der Spalte „Language“ erweitern. 😉

Betreff: From The Sante House
Dear Beneficiary.

Congratulations as we bring to your notice, The Office of the senate house of Assembly has chosen you by the board of trustees as one of the final recipients of this new year promotion cash grant/Donation. To celebrate the 30th anniversary celebration,We are giving out a yearly donation of The ATM Card Value is $500,000.00 USD to 2 lucky recipients,as New Year promotion from the W.H.O,UN, and the EU in accordance with the enabling act of Parliament. fill out below information and send it to the Payment Remitance Office Via their email contact address:

Full Name:______________
Winning Batch No:W-342-8876,U-500-32)
Remittance Contact
Dr. Randy Moore
Phone Contact: +2348089287930

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